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Welcome to the Web Site of

 Water Management Specialists

As our name says, we are Water Management Specialists!   We manage this precious commodity called water by providing quality  irrigation design, consulting, training, and software .  Our main office is in central Texas near Moody, Texas with a branch office in Houston, Texas.  We provide these services to the Landscape Irrigation, Landscape Architectural, Grounds Maintenance, and Drainage industry.  Our clients are both consumers and service providers.


Lake Belton, Texas during the drought of 2011                                                  Lake Belton, Texas when it is full

Water Conservation  and irrigation efficiency takes on a whole new meaning when the water source is severely depleted........It forces everyone to take a renewed look at how we design and manage our irrigation systems.........

Our Mission ......                               

Our tag line "Providing quality irrigation design, consulting, training and software to the "Green Industry" is more than a statement, it is truly our mission.  Water Management Specialists, as the name implies, considers itself as a steward of water.  We provide quality  irrigation design, management, training and software of this scarce and valuable resource.  To learn more about the services that we offer  explore the options on the left hand tool bar.

Please come in to our web site and  make yourself at home.  If the web site does not provide you with the information you are looking for or you need additional information, please call our office or drop us an E-mail.  We actually have real people that answer the phones. 

We are an "authorized"  TCEQ provider for  Irrigation Training for state licensure, Irrigation Technician Licensure,  and CEU training.  In addition we provide Continuing Education training to Landscape Architects.  (Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas state agency called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)  To learn more about becoming Licensed in the Irrigation Industry in Texas click on the "Irrigation Licensure" tab on the left.


The TCEQ, the regulatory agency that manages the irrigation industry, now requires all attendees who are planning on becoming either a Licensed Irrigator or a Licensed Irrigation technician now needs to be pre-registered and approved by the TCEQ prior to sitting for the respective exam. This is now down electronically via what they call the "E-Application".  You can go to the TCEQ website and apply for it there: https://www20.tceq.texas.gov/occlic/.


Before  being able to sit for an exam, everyone must be pre-approved (or conditionally approved) to take it.  This means applicants will have to pass the mandatory criminal history background check, have completed all necessary training classes, possess the education and experience, etc. and have provided TCEQ all the necessary documentation.  Approval (or Conditional Approval) letters will be mailed within 6-8 weeks if no deficiencies exist.


A conditional approval is an option for only those individuals who are missing only one required course (and have no other deficiencies) and intend to take an exam immediately after completing that required course, at a location where TCEQ is proctoring the exams.


**WMS will issue a "COURSE REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION" for those who are applying for a Conditional Approval.


It has been an extremely hot summer..... We have all been working hard.......cooler weather is still a long way off.....It's time to take a fun break!!!!!!!!!

Join us at the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana for a break and get 8 hours of CEU's to boot.  We will be at the Coushatta on October 22nd.  Enjoy a well deserved weekend off, get refreshed, and who knows you may get lucky and go home a wealthy irrigator!!!!  Go to the "Current Calendar" for more details.

Register Now!!!


We are launching the Commercial Irrigation Scheduling Software package on September 30, 2016!  This software will handle up to 480 zones, utilize multiple controllers, multiple water sources and has a complete Drought management function built in.  The software comes with a 4 hour training class on how to operate the software and how to develop water management and drought management strategies.  Check our "Current Calendar" to check when we are in a city near you!

WMS is Proud to offer a 10% discount to any veteran or active duty member of the Armed Forces for any training classes they offer.  WMS is veteran owned.

 WMS E - News Letter...... The fall newsletter will be out on September 10th.Summer 2016.

IF you are not on our E-mail list send us an E-mail address and we will get it out to you. 

If you want to receive our quarterly E-News Letter, click here.  "WMS Monthly News Letter"


Water Management Specialists has a new group called Water Management and Conservation.  This group is comprised of 18 licensed irrigators across the state that can provide expertise in water management, irrigation system analysis, and state of the art central control management.  To learn more about this group go to the "Water Conservation" tab.





Send mail to Kurt@H2oMgmt.Net with questions or comments about this web site.
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