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New Irrigator

Welcome to the "BECOMING A NEW IRRIGATOR" web page

The TCEQ has gone through a major rule revision.  These new rules went into effect on January 1, 2009.  These rules will have a direct impact on the licensing program and more importantly the way all irrigators do business once they are licensed.  The most direct impact this will have on the new irrigator is the heavy emphasis on design.  This emphasis is very important, as it has long term effects.  The TCEQ made the decision not to initially alter the training programs in any substantial way by requiring an increase in minimum training hours.  Nor did they require any additional emphasis on training on design.  The changes that are required will be made universally by all instructors and should be reflected in their manuals, lesson plans, etc.  However, the most direct impact to the new irrigator will be after they obtain their irrigator license!  Effective January 1, 2009 all irrigation sites shall be required to have a full functioning irrigation design that meets the new minimum TCEQ requirements.  In addition, many municipalities will require a full permitting and plan review process prior to issuing an irrigation system permit.  These standards in many ways are tougher than the TCEQ minimum required standards.  To put his in perspective, you may only be required to have rudimentary skills to enable you to obtain your licenses, however once you are licensed the skills required may exceed what some basic trainers provide.  All instructors are required to teach the minimum requirements as initially prescribed by the TCEQ.  However, effective January 1, 2009 the skill level required of licensed irrigators may exceed the skill levels provided in some basic training classes, even though they meet the TCEQ minimums.  There is a fundamental reason why some classes are only 32 hours in length an others are 48 hours in length.  

Now that you have decided to take the first step in becoming a Texas Licensed Irrigator, let Water Management Specialists be the first to welcome you to the Irrigation Industry!  

As you are finding out, the State of Texas regulates the irrigation industry.  Any individual who is engaged in the irrigation industry is required to obtain a Texas Landscape Irrigation License.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is the regulatory agency. 

One of the first questions asked is , "Why do I have to take a class? ...  and just how much does this class cost  and how long is it?"  Water Management Specialists Basic Irrigation Design class costs $575.00 and is 5 (day) days in length for classes in the Waco/Temple area, San Antonio, or the Houston area.

Water Management Specialists offers two different options for your training classes, which are a requirement of the TCEQ for irrigation licensure.

bulletThe first option is to attend any of our 48 hour classes offered through out the state.  These classes are a total of six (6) days in duration and will culminate in the 48 hour requirement being met for the TCEQ established criteria.

This cost includes:

bullet 565 + page manual (The latest version was released in March 2014)
bullet Complete follow up on the design phase of the class.
bullet Classes are generally scheduled to include a maximum of three days in one week.  We generally skip a week, then follow up on the last   three days.  This allows the student to absorb the material, and not take the student away from their work and family life for one large block of time.  On the last day of the class the student will take the TCEQ required design skill assessment.
bulletWe emphasis "Reality Based" design

The TCEQ has authorized three training manuals to be utilized in the training process.  "Basic Irrigation Systems and Design" is one of the authorized manuals.  The author of the book is the senior instructor for the workshop provided.  The TCEQ does not endorse one manual over the other.  They simply have a minimum level of requirements.  Other instructors utilize WMS's training manual.

There are three basic steps you need to follow to become a Licensed Irrigator in the State of Texas.  These steps are as follows:

1.  Select and attend a qualified and TCEQ "Approved" BASIC IRRIGATION TRAINING Provider. (We strongly recommend Water Management Specialists!)  Click on WMS Basic Training to learn more about the training process.

The TCEQ requires you take and pass this basic training course before you sit for the exam.  To view the scheduled dates and locations for this class, go to our link BISD Schedule (Basic Irrigation Systems and Design)  After you have found a date and location that suits your schedule, register for the class.  You may register for the class in one of three different ways:

    1. Use the link Registration Page

    2.  Print the Registration Form and fax it to our office.

    3.  Call our office and register via telephone.  The  number is a toll free  number: 1-800-946-8277.

You must complete the class and receive a passing grade prior to being eligible to proceed to step 2.  Click "WMS Basic Training " to go to the next page.

2.  You will need to provide an identification number for registration for the irrigator class for the purposes of reporting training.   You can provide:  

                 A Social Security Number

                A Tax I.D. Number

                A identification number issued by a host countries Embassy or Consulat

3.  Upon receiving your certificate of completion from your Basic Training Provider, (Water Management Specialists) you will then register with Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) to schedule your exam.  Current law and state policy dictates that there is a minimum of 14 days from the time of registering for the exam till you  actually sit for the exam.  To register with TEEX you will need to first call them at 1-800-824-7303 and request an exam packet.  Upon completion of your training class, you will fill out the TEEX forms and provide a copy of your Training Certificate proved by Water Management Specialists.  Mail the completed application along with the appropriate fees back to TEEX.

4.  Pass the State of Texas Licensed Irrigators Exam.  We should probably mention here that it would be in your best interest to do some major studying between point A and C. 




Send mail to Kurt@H2oMgmt.Net with questions or comments about this web site.
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