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Welcome to the CEU page of Water Management Specialists

This page is dedicated to the Licensed Irrigator, Licensed Irrigation Technician, and the Landscape Architect  that are required to obtain Continuing Education Units of training to maintain and renew their respective professional licenses.

The TCEQ requires that all licensed irrigators obtain eight (8) hours of Continuing Education Units  (CEU) each year.  With the recent changes in the regulations, this now means that you are now required to have obtained twenty four  (24) hours for a three (3) year period.  Every irrigator will have a different anniversary date.  Either check with the TCEQ or contact WMS to find out when your CEU's are due.  WMS maintains a data base on all of its clients and tracks hours for you.  We will notify you when you are within 90 days of your license expiring.

The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners and the American Society of Landscape Architects require that all Landscape Architects obtain eight (8) hours of Continuing Education Units each year.  This license is renewed every year.

The majority of all irrigators are also life members of the "Procrastinators of America".  They have a tendency to wait till the third year, the last month, and the last week to obtain all of their 24 hours of CEU's.  Now that the TCEQ has all of the irrigators on a regular cycle, it makes it somewhat easier.

WMS schedules a group of CEU's that will allow for an individual to obtain three (3) CEU's or 24 Hours in a month.  We generally run this format every quarter.  While it is not every month as some procrastinators would like it is still better than having no options at all.

Starting in 2017 we will offer one advanced class a quarter.  This advanced class will be open to all, however it is highly recommended that the attendee have at least 5+ years of heavy design or contracting skills. 

We have a VACATION CEU class in August of this year.  It will be in Las Vegas!.  There will be two VACATION CEU's in 2017, one will be in Las Vegas and the other will either be  in the Mountains  or on a paddle wheeler.  We are still working on the location and schedule for the second one.  The Las Vegas schedule has been set.  It is Saturday the 19th of August.  We have not locked in the hotel yet, but it will in all probability be downtown.  We will post the hotel as soon as it is booked. 

We have had many requests for a CEU trip to RED RIVER, NM.  If you have not been there before you are missing out on one of the true beautiful locations of this great country.  We are looking at a pre- Christmas trip, at the beginning of the opening season. Tentatively we will have class on the morning of December 18th and December 19th.  This class will be from 6:30 till 10:30 each morning.  This format will allow you to get your CEU hours in and still take advantage of the best of Red River. If you are interested please let us know, as we will need to pull the trigger on this soon.  Bookings for accommodations in Red River go fast!!!

To view our current CEU schedule, click here.......................CEU SCHEDULE











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