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The IRRIGATION DESIGN group is well versed in working with home owners, contractors, licensed irrigators, HOA's, general contractors, and landscape architects and can respond to the time lines that often are associated with many projects.  We are utilize Auto Cadô and can interact via the internet to enhance the turn around time.  WMS has three Texas Licensed Irrigators on staff.  We have been in the design industry since 1985.  WMS has developed proprietary software that enables us to generate a precision ET based irrigation schedule with every project that we design.  We utilize the latest version of "SPACE" and "HYPER-SPACE" software from C.I.T. to enhance large scale designs and retro-fit projects. 

All of our designs come with a complete hydraulic statement that mathematically proves the system will work as designed.  This "Hydraulic Statement" is in complete compliance with the current TCEQ codes as well as the local jurisdiction where the project is at. 

WMS can design any level of drip or sub-surface applications to meet either client requests or city codes.

WMS is a specialist on Central Control.  We can assist in the needs analysis, design requirements, and the  product selection.  Our consulting side of the company can provide assistance in Water Audits and site analysis as it relates to the establishment of a central control system.

All of the designs that are sealed by Water Management Specialists will come with the following items:

bulletA water efficient and TCEQ compliant design
bulletA hydraulic statement on the worst case zone
bulletA ET based irrigation schedule recommendation
bulletA overview block of all zones showing their GPM and valve size
bulletAll pipe is progressive pipe sized to not exceed 5 LFS
bulletAll valves are sized according to demand load not the meter size
bulletComplete irrigation specifications on the product
bulletTypical exploded views of the product selected












With the changes in the TCEQ rules and regulations, irrigation design has been  raised to a new level.  Effective  January 1, 2009, there shall be an irrigation design that is in compliance with the new TCEQ rules on the job site at all times.  In addition, in many municipalities will require a permit to be pulled prior to commencement of the irrigation project, regardless if it is a residential or commercial project.  In order to obtain the permit, a fully compliant TCEQ design will need to be provided to be reviewed.  Many cities are actually requiring a greater level of performance than the TCEQ. 

Water Management Specialists can provide a complete design service for the irrigation contractor.  This design service can be customized to meet the style, brands, and standards of the irrigation contractor.  All designs will meet the minimum standards established by the purveyor where the project will be installed and the most current TCEQ rules.  The client can dictate what level of efficiency above the minimum levels.  This service is provided to the residential, commercial, and institutional client.  WMS has four (4) licensed irrigators on staff to address your design needs.

The base contractor Program offers:

bulletDesign done via Auto-Cad (tm)
bulletFinished product is delivered both on paper and a electronic media
bulletA "Hydraulic Statement"
bulletAn "ET Based Irrigation Schedule"
bulletFast turn around
bulletTitle Block (TCEQ required) developed with the client's logo and data
bulletWater Cost analysis based on the system and the purveyor of record
bulletAll pipe progressive pipe sized

There are many other options available that can be added on an "As needed" basis by the client to   accommodate  specific needs of the project.

Other irrigation design services are:

bulletComplete irrigation design in Auto-Cad (tm) and can work with Rain Cad (tm) or Micro-Station (tm)
bulletComplete irrigation design specifications
bulletComplete irrigation scheduling
bulletCentral control specifications and operations
bulletPre-bid meetings
bulletOwner Representations
bulletPre and Post landscape irrigation audits
bulletMaterial Take-offs
bulletWater and dollar efficient designs utilizing "SPACE" design software from the Center for Irrigation Technology
bulletDrip and Micro design
bulletTree farms
bulletMaster Plans
bulletInstitutional projects

Our list of projects range from National Historical homes, malls, production nurseries, tree farms, strip centers, athletic fields, estates, up-scale homes, residential homes, cities, golf courses, and master planned communities.

A partial list of clients are:

bulletTexas Parks and Wildlife
bulletU.S. Corps of Engineers
bulletState of Texas
bulletJohnson Space Center
bulletFort Hood
bulletUniversity of Texas Medical Center (Dallas)
bulletMac Haik Enterprises
bulletStrickland Chevrolet
bulletUniversity of Mary Harding Baylor
bulletSecond Baptist Church (Houston)
bulletGeorgetown Condominiums


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