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Water Conservation

Water Conservation is a word that has been bantered about for years.  It is an over used word that has multiple meanings, depending on how it is used.  This results in the word being ignored by many.  Water Conservation used in context with a diminishing water source and an ever expanding consumer base paints a different picture.  This is the format that WMS views "Water Conservation".

From an irrigation perspective, the amount of water consumed via irrigation systems is nothing short of frightening.  If you understand that once an irrigation system is designed (or not designed) and installed, the water consumption and efficiency of the system is pre-ordained.  If this is then followed up with grossly inacurate water scheduling, the system is then destined to consume and waste water at an alarming rate.  As if this was not bad enough, the life expectancy of an irrigation system is lengthy, thus extending the waste of water.

The worst thing about this is that in most cases this massive waste of water and money is done out of lack of knowledge or understanding. 


There are ways to stop the useless waste of water from previous bad systems and to enhance their performance.  Obviously, new systems can be designed and built with all the latest technologies to minimize the waste of water.

The WATER CONSERVATION group of Water Management Specialists has multiple ways to assist the end user of water to conserve our most valuable resource called water.  Our target client is easy.....anyone that is using irrigation water is one of our potential clients.  It does not matter if the client is a residential client with a seven (7) zone system or a master planned HOA with 450 zones.  The percentage of savings in proportionate!

If a system is designed to minimum compliance (TCEQ) standards and utilizes an ET (Evapo-Transpiration) based schedule then a minimum of 35% water savings should be realized.

Water Management Specialists has many options for the end user of irrigation water to assist them in "Water Conservation" which in turn will lead towards $ Dollar Conservation.

Irrigation Analysis of an existing system  

bulletThis analysis will benchmark the operating parameters of the existing system
bulletIdentify problems
bulletDetermine the actual operating cost of the system
bulletProvide solutions to defined problems
bulletDevelop an irrigation stratagy which will include an ET based schedule tailored to the clients system and needs






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Last modified: 11/6/17