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Irrigation Scheduler

The irrigation Scheduler software is a very robust software that will provide the end user with a tool to schedule and manage any irrigation system, including a manual system.  The software is an "ET Based" (Evapo-Transpiration) scheduling software that assists the end user in determining and calculating an efficient irrigation schedule to comply with multiple levels of watering windows, regardless if the watering window is based on a 24 hour time line or a city mandated water rationing format.



The software provides for the following:

                24 Hour Watering Window

                Purveyor mandated Watering Window

                Client mandated Watering Window

                Three (3) stages of Water Rationing

bulletSoftware utilizes a Texas Pre-Defined ET Data Base or a User defined ET Data Base


bulletHas the ability to micro-manage each zone of irrigation


bulletCan address water in GPM, or in Time


bulletHas software options to handle the following sizes of sites

                    One Controller - 24 Zones - One water Source -      $75.00

                    Two Controllers - 48 Zones - One water Source -   $150.00

                    Ten Controllers - 240 Zones - Five Water Sources - $350.00



Software Purchase


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