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Welcome to the Training page for the Landscape Architects.  Water Management Specialists now offers the Landscape Architect a complete level of training for Continuing Education Units as well as professional growth.  The courses offered are designed to comply  with the ever changing demands of the "green industry".  Water Management Specialist's  roots are in landscape and irrigation.  We currently have 21 courses in landscape and irrigation topics.  To honor the many requests from our clients we have modified some of these to accommodate the professional Licensed Landscape Architect.

The training group offers CEU courses specifically for the landscape architect.  We have taken the same approach that we have with the State regulatory agency that mandates and monitors the Texas Licensed Irrigator Program.  This agency is called the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).  The TCEQ has tougher guidelines for CEU's than the ASLA and TBAE does.  However, we have followed the more stringent guidelines of the TCEQ while meeting the guidelines of the ASLA and TBAE in the course development for landscape architects.  This extra step provides the landscape architect with the follow on support in reporting their CEU hours.  We actually provide supporting documentation to you as well as your certificate when you complete one of our CEU classes.

We also offer other courses that although are not CEU approved or recommended courses, they are extremely informative and beneficial to the professional landscape architect.  These classes are targeted towards the professional designer rather than the contractor. 

*All one day and two day classes include lunch.*

There are currently two paths of training offered to the Landscape Architect; irrigation and ADA awareness.


We offer a wide variety of irrigation related courses that range from state licensure (Texas) to an overview of Central Control for large scale applications.  The irrigation training program for the landscape architect is at a different level than that of the irrigation training offered to the irrigation industry.  The landscape architect level focuses more on the design and specifications applications rather than the operations and installation processes.  There are four (4) one day courses that are well suited for the architect and a comprehensive two day class that is designed to enhance the overall design skills.

One Day Courses

bulletCentral Control; A primer on the applications, limitations, and specifications of "Central Control"
bulletUnderstanding and utilizing Matched Precipitation Rates of spray and rotory sprinkler heads
bulletPumps; A primer on the applications, specifications and capabilities of pumps and pump applications.
bulletWorking with specifications manuals and developing specifications and standards

Two Day Course

This course is a comprehensive course on irrigation design for upscale residential, commercial, and lite institutional sites.  The "hands on" class focuses on

bulletSite assessment
bulletOptimized product selection
bulletEfficient head placement
bulletEfficient zoning
bulletProgressive pipe sizing including looped mains
bulletAlternative water sources
bulletHydraulic calculations - including dealing with elevations
bulletET based irrigation schedules
bulletSpecifications and limitations of products

Six Day Course

This course is a comprehensive course on irrigation design that is required for licensure by the State of Texas as a pre-requisite to sitting for the state irrigation examination.  This course starts literally at ground zero and goes through the entire irrigation design and installation process.  It includes the current state laws and regulations.


ADA (American Disabilities Act) Compliance

The principal of  WMS has a unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenges, problems and complications of being handicapped.  Due to an unfortunate medical event he has seen the world from a wheel chair, a walker, and a cane.  Although he has recovered, he has combined his  life experience and  professional design experience to create a powerful workshop on the many complex and often confusing issues of the American Disabilities Act.  The architect will walk away from this workshop with a comprehensive understanding of the many challenges a handicapped person has to deal with.  More importantly, the architect will be offered many realistic and applicable solutions to comply with the design standards of the ADA.  After completion of this workshop the architect can apply these new and powerful insights to improve their designs' and provide enhanced serviceability to the handicapped patrons. 

WMS offers two different ADA workshops, a 1.5 hour workshop and a comprehensive 8 hour workshop.

Barrier Free Design - This 1.5 hour workshop is a "companion" module that is run in conjunction with an 8 hour CEU workshop.  This format allows the Texas Landscape Architect to gain all of their CEU's in one sitting.  This Barrier Free Design workshop is an overview of problems and design solutions of some of the most common issues facing the landscape architect while dealing with the American Disabilities Act

"A view from the chair"- This eight hour comprehensive workshop will enable the architect to gain a better understanding of the impact and problems caused by design assumptions and interpretations of the 1991 American Disabilities Act.  This workshop will offer the designer realistic, cost effective, and workable solution sets to the many challenges associated with the handicapped community while complying with the established standards.

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