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Welcome to the Irrigation Licensure page.

If you are looking at this page, you in all probability are in the process of doing research and homework on how to become a Licensed Irrigator or Licensed Irrigation Technician in Texas.  You may already know, the state governmental  agency responsible for the administration and licensing process of irrigators is the TCEQ, which is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

You are about to walk down a road that will ultimately lead  you to becoming a Texas Licensed Irrigator or a Texas Licensed Irrigation Technician.  Water Management Specialists is here to help you on your journey.  WMS has been providing quality irrigation training since 1988.  In fact, we were part of the group that initially developed the irrigation training program that was implemented at the Junior College level in 1988.  We were one of the first instructors  the state approved when the State of Texas took over the training of irrigators in 1996 and again was one of the first to be approved by the State for the new training requirements that went into effect on May 1, 2003.   We were the first instructor approved for the Irrigation Technician program in 2009. 

To learn more about the Licensed Irrigator program and the process to become licensed

click here.......LICENSED IRRIGATOR


To learn more about the Irrigation Technician program and the process to become licensed


Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or what is commonly called the TCEQ.  This governing entity has jurisdiction over the training, testing, licensing, and operations of the irrigation professionals in Texas.  You can learn more about them and their role in water and irrigation by exploring their website.  Keep in mind, that compliance with these state laws are not optional.  In fact, there are some substantial fines and other penalties for not complying with these laws, rules, and regulations.


There are six (6) steps required to become either a Licensed Irrigator or a Licensed Irrigation Technician

Step 1Attend a mandatory approved training class for licensure.  (WMS is an approved training class for both the Irrigation License and the Irrigation Technician license)

Step 2:  Complete the mandatory training class and obtain a "Certificate of Completion"

Step 3:  Fill out and submit application for the desired license.  (Either a Licensed Irrigator or Irrigation Technician)  This can be done via TEEX for the Licensed Irrigator.  For the Irrigation Technician program you can either test with TEEX or the TCEQ directly.

Step 4:  Successfully sit for and pass the Irrigation testing procedure

Step 5:  Complete the administrative requirements of the TCEQ for obtaining your perspective license

Step 6:  Upon receipt of perspective license, become a practicing irrigation professional


Now that you have decided to take the first step in becoming a Texas Licensed Irrigator, let Water Management Specialists be the first to welcome you to the Irrigation Industry!  

 These standards in many ways are tougher than the TCEQ minimum required standards.  To put his in perspective, you may only be required to have rudimentary skills to enable you to obtain your licenses, however once you are licensed the skills required may exceed what some basic trainers provide.  All instructors are required to teach the minimum requirements as initially prescribed by the TCEQ.  However, effective January 1, 2009 the skill level required of licensed irrigators may exceed the skill levels provided in some basic training classes, even though they meet the TCEQ minimums. 


bullet"Why do I have to take an irrigation class?"   The TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), is the state government agency that regulates the natural resources in Texas and the landscape irrigation industry.  They have established the minimum rules and laws for the Landscape Irrigation industry.


bullet "How long is the class?"  In 1992 the TCEQ initially established a minimum number of hours as 32 hours.  However, they have continually raised the minimum requirements and skill sets to become licensed without changing the minimum hours required for the training.  Water Management Specialists has continually kept pace with these changes.  Our course is authorized by the TCEQ  for forty eight  (48) hours.  We understand this longer class time translates to more money both in class cost and in time away from business to attend the class.  However, our goal is to ensure you are adequately prepared for the state examination, not filling classes. There is a fundamental reason why some classes are only 32 hours in length an others are 48 hours in length.  WMS generally breaks this up in to two - three day sessions.


bullet "How much does the class cost"?  The class cost is $575.00 and includes the 565 page manual", hand outs, and a basic scheduling software.


bullet"Where are the classes offered?"  The TCEQ specifically will not allow any affiliation with supply houses, manufactures, etc.  They require the training to take place in a "neutral" setting.  WMS utilizes our "Training Facility" in Houston and conference rooms in hotels across the state.  Water Management Specialists generally offer our Basic Irrigation Training in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Temple/Waco area.


bullet"What printed material or manual is used in the training?"  The manual used is the "Basic Irrigation Systems and Design". This latest version, which was released in October 2011 600 pages!  It  addresses all of the changes the TCEQ made in the irrigation rule changes which became effective January 1, 2009 and January 2010.  This will make it  one of the most, if not the most comprehensive irrigation manuals on the market today. This manual is filled with technical information that you will use through out your career.  Although others may claim they have a comprehensive manual, upon inspection  and after the filler and "note" pages are removed, the technical information is validated, they simply come up short.   The author, Kurt Hall, has several copyrighted design techniques that will assist the irrigator in the design process.  This manual will serve you well for the irrigation  training course and more importantly will become an invaluable tool in your roads of travel in the irrigation industry.  This manual is used by other instructors, colleges, state institutions, and of course by Water Management Specialists as their course manual.


bullet"What do you do different from other instructors or classes?" 

   Our  Irrigation Systems and Design workshop includes:

bulletThe course is a six (6) day course that is approved for 48+ hours in duration.  It is scheduled for three (3) days with a week break in between, then the remaining three (3) days.  This is done so that you can still take care of work, family, and have some semblance of a life.
bulletOur workshop comes with the "Basic Irrigation Systems Design" manual, basic scheduling software,  ET- Charts for the state, and worksheets in pad format that will assist you in the design process.
bulletTelephone support is provided continually from the time you complete the class till you sit for your exam.
bulletHome work is provided to you upon completion of the class.  You will be sent home with three (3) designs.  When you complete them, simply mail or fax them back to our office and they will be critiqued.  We will forward you the results with suggestions and an additional design.  This process will be done up to your exam date.  This is not a new program for us, we have been doing it for the past three years.
bulletOur workshop is taught by an instructor who has worked in the irrigation industry as a contractor and as a designer.  The design processes which you will utilize in this workshop was developed by the senior instructor.
bulletOur class room size is limited to twelve (12) students
bulletYou will do three "realistic" designs in the class room plus the state required exit design. 

What we will not do....

bulletWe do not offer a "guarantee" that you will pass the state exam.  We cannot guarantee something that we cannot control.  Others will offer you the ability to keep coming back for free.  What they do not guarantee is that you will be given the time that you deserve.  We simply prefer to focus on teaching you irrigation design.
bulletWe do not offer a shorter version of the training.  The training that you are about to undertake is for a career change or enhancement.  Do you really want to take a short cut of a day or two, when the results are for the life of your career?
bulletWe will not exceed a classroom size of 15 people.
bulletWe will not teach the test.  This will not happen for two reasons.

             One, we do not know what is on the test, as it is a State Exam. 

             Two, we teach the basic fundamentals of irrigation.  If you can understand these basics, then you are prepared for any thing.    

bulletWe will not provide you with basic and simplistic design problems so that you build a false sense of security.  The exit exam that you are  required to design is provided by the State of Texas.  In addition, this exit exam is required to be graded and used as a pass/fail for this course by the State.   This exit design is a complex design with a 16' elevation change and requires the student to utilize drip, spray, and rotor products on the design.  WMS will provide you with the progressively challenging designs and the necessary support and documentation that will enable you to handle the exit design.

We understand that in a free market society competition is good.  We encourage competition, as it gives our students and clients something to compare us to.  Our mission statement is simple:  "We provide the most current and up-to-date training in the irrigation industry.....period."  Take a few moments to look at them and Dare to Compare between WMS and the competition.


How to register for a WMS Landscape Irrigation Training Workshop

1.   Click on the  LISD Schedule and pick a class date that fits your schedule.  You can also contact WMS direct by calling 254-853-2968, or 800-946-8277 .

2.   Click on the  REGISTRATION PAGE and complete the registration process.

3.  The TCEQ has contracted with  Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) to provide testing on their behalf.  They offer multiple test dates and locations throughout Texas.  You must contact them direct to arrange for a Test Application and reservation to test.  Current law and state policy dictates that there is a minimum of 14 days from the time of registering for the exam till you  actually sit for the exam.  To register with TEEX you will need to first call them at 1-800-824-7303 and request an exam packet.  Upon completion of your training class, you will fill out the TEEX forms and provide a copy of your Training Certificate provided by Water Management Specialists.  Mail the completed application along with the appropriate fees back to TEEX.


 The last thing you will need to do is attend class and study!!!!!! 


Send mail to Kurt@H2oMgmt.Net with questions or comments about this web site.
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Last modified: 11/6/17