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WMS Book Store

Welcome to the BOOK STORE page of Water Management Specialists! 

The "WMS Book Store" is where you can browse and find different books and related software that have been written by Kurt Hall for the irrigation industry.  Many of these books where written and  developed for the State of Texas irrigation training and licensing program.  Albeit, the majority of the books and software are targeted specifically to the irrigation industry, there are some that have been developed specifically for the "Green Industry".  Some topics have what we call "Companion Software".  If you see a book with a (CS) next to it, this simply means that there is a specific piece of software that is associated with the book and is included in the purchase price of the book.  In some instances, the software can be purchased seperatly if the "Companion Book" is not desired or purchased.

The books and software are broken down into three generic catagories.  To view any of the books or software simply click on the main catagory.






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